Whether through one of our services or all of them, our expert team can create a tailored solution to meet your company compliance needs.

Company Compliance

Our company really knows compliance

Laws and regulations involved in running a business in Australia change all the time. Staying on top of these obligations mitigates risk and damage and also boosts your reputation and integrity. But actually achieving this is exhausting!

We’ve been helping Australian businesses for years to meet the strict laws of the Corporations Act 2001 through risk-free and streamlined operations.

Our expert team identifies your exact needs and tailors a compliance package that suits your business. It’s comprehensive and easy to implement, so you can rest assured and get back to business!

What can CCASA do for you?

  • Identify your legal obligations according to the Corporations Act 2001
  • Perform all the administration and paperwork associated with complying to these laws
  • Include FREE value-added services such as Dividend Statements
  • Provide everything you need in under two hours—our competitors don’t come close!
  • Remove the risk in your business for the short and long term

Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds

Plan for a secure tomorrow today

Discretionary (Unit) Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are a great way to protect and grow your assets while reducing tax and risk.

CCASA prepares hundreds of trusts every year to help people like you. We prepare trust solutions for even the most complex cases and make sure they’re up to date and give you the best protection available.

SMSFs are a popular way to retain control over your finances while maximising growth. Our SMSF deeds are compliant with the latest Superannuation Investment Supervision Act (SISA) laws and amendments, so we can guarantee it’s achieving the best results for you with the minimum risk.

What can CCASA do for you?

  • Spend time with you to identify the best financial solution for your situation and future
  • Prepare all documents and deeds required for your new trust or SMSF
  • Ensure every legal document is completed and approved by our highly qualified lawyers
  • Provide deeds of variations and winding-up packages
  • Keep you up to date on new rules and regulations

New Companies

Starting a new company has never been easier

As an Australian-owned and operated company ourselves, we know that starting a new company can be daunting. So we provide the full documentation to get you started in one package, saving you both time and money.

We make sure your new company runs smoothly from the get-go. It’s best to get things right to avoid frustrating and expensive legal battles down the track. Believe us—we’ve seen it all!

CCASA offers all the advice, contingency planning and risk management you need to run a really successful company. And our quick turnaround means you can put your great ideas into action straight away!

What can CCASA do for you?

  • Dispatch everything you need the same day—including your ACN!
  • Back up our constitutions and other legal documents by the professional indemnity policy of our lawyers
  • Include a FREE basic Shareholders Agreement
  • Offer a full suite of policies and procedures on request
  • Include lots of bonus extras, such as templates for meeting minutes, share certificates etc.

Company Name Search

Got a great idea for a company name? Check if it’s available.



Business Names

Let’s grab that great business name and get started

Securing a great business name is crucial to starting a successful business. Or maybe you need to change your name, or transfer your business from one owner to another?

CCASA is a professional business registration service and we can help you with all this complex stuff. We register over 100 local businesses a month!

As a registered ASIC agent, you can rest assured that we’re across everything involved in getting your business off the ground. We’ll make sure your name is available and register it for you, providing an ABN and all relevant documents.

What can CCASA do for you?

  • Dispatch everything you need the same day — including your ABN!
  • Offer the risk-free security of an ASIC certified agent
  • Provide a free business name search
  • Provide a full ABN registration process
  • Offer expert knowledge of business set-up quickly and easily

Free Business Name Search

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