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Save Money with Monthly Billing

As a professional services firm, we understand how important it is to manage your budgets effectively. CCASA clients can now set up an affordable monthly installment plan for all your compliance needs. This is a great funding option for clients wanting to claim full deductions and GST up front while freeing up cash flow and better managing payments.

To do this we have engaged the FeeSynergy model. FeeSynergy is the leading provider of professional fee finance in Australia and New Zealand and is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes.

How does FeeSynergy work?

CCASA will send you one annual invoice for our compliance services, which will be paid to us in full by FeeSynergy within five days. At this point you may be able to claim the full deduction and GST for your expenses upfront. You’ll then have monthly payments direct debited from your bank account according to a pre-arranged payment plan that is affordable to you. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for any interest owed on the funding.

What are the benefits?
  • Certainty regarding payments and timing is guaranteed
  • A monthly listing of annual company reviews is still provided
  • You can determine the number of companies receiving review services as of 1 July (and whether to raise an annual fee)
  • If you add or remove companies during the year, the fee will not change—there won’t even be an invoice at the end of the year to pick up any increase in companies!
How do I get the ball rolling?

It’s actually very quick and easy. CCASA will offer you a monthly payment option which you can accept if you’re interested in taking up the financial benefits. You’ll need to complete and sign the relevant documents and send them back to CCASA. We then forward these documents onto FeeSynergy for processing…and away we go!

Check out the FeeSynergy website if you’re keen to know more or get in touch with the CCASA team for a chat.

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