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An Easier Way to Order Discretionary Trusts Online

The close relationship we have with our clients means we listen to your feedback and whenever possible improve our services to make things easier for you. Our latest update to the CCASA Docs platform does just that! You can now add an unlimited number of appointors when ordering Discretionary Trusts for your clients.

Many people set up Discretionary Trusts for the purposes of estate planning, asset protection or tax benefits. Discretionary trusts require 4 parties to be involved in the setup and management of a Discretionary Trust: the settlor, trustee, appointor and beneficiaries. While the trustee is the legal owner of the trust, and makes decisions on behalf of the trust, appointors have the power to remove or appoint trustees to the trust, such as when the trustee is incapable of performing their duties.

In some cases clients only require two appointors (often the parents) but at other times you probably find that more appointors are needed. Most online ordering systems, including those of our competitors, only allow accountants to add 2 appointors at the time of setting up the trust. This often means frustrations that end in a phone call and you having to manually send in an order form. We wanted a better way! So our developers have streamlined the CCASA Docs process to allow you to add multiple appointors—in fact, as many as you want!

You can choose between “Joint Appointors” or “Individual & Successor Appointors” when adding multiple appointors to the Discretionary Trust. For joint appointors the deed will list all appointors ‘together’ and decisions are made by the majority. For successor appointors, decisions are made by the first appointor and only move to the next appointor following the death of the first. This can all be set up easily online through CCASA Docs.

Contact Craig at or Lisa at if you’re not sure whether a Discretionary Trust is the right option for your client. If you’re ready to go, log in to our simple online ordering system and be amazed how quick and easy it is to have your Discretionary Trust documents ready to go. Documents are generated based on the instructions received. We recommend you seek legal and/or accounting clarification on the documents and how they can be used in your circumstances.

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